Restaurant Fire Suppression Systems are specifically designed, tested, and approved/listed to provide fire protection for commercial kitchen cooking appliances, hoods, and ducts. The systems we represent are UL-300 listed and are designed to discharge a predetermined quantity of fire extinguishing (wet chemical) agent in accordance with UL test criteria and listing.

Wet Chemical K-Class Fire Extinguishers are specifically designed to combat restaurant kitchen fires. These extinguishers are effective on Class K fires. They are used to supplement existing automatic cooking equipment and kitchen suppression systems.

Changes to menus, food preparation, and cooking appliances could make it necessary to modify the Restaurant Fire Suppression System. Only authorized distributors of your system should make these changes.

Restaurant Fire Suppression System manufacturers require qualified fire protection contractors, like BFPE International, to be trained and certified. BFPE International is an authorized distributor of the following systems. Please contact us to design, install, modify, repair, service, and test & inspect your restaurant fire suppression system.

Contact BFPE International for a restaurant fire suppression system. Please see the other Products and Services we offer, as well as our Total Fire Protection Agreement.