Inert Gas Blends suppress fire by means of oxygen displacement. They remain safe for use in occupied spaces due to the sophisticated design of the systems. The blends are made up of inert gases found in the air we breathe, typically nitrogen and argon. The inert gas blend discharged into a protected space reduces the oxygen level only to that which will prevent combustion but not to an unsafe level for the occupants.

Inert Gas Blend Systems:

– Argonite™ Suppression System by Kidde-Fenwal – 50/50 blend of nitrogen and argon

– INERGEN Fire Suppression System by Ansul – 50/50 blend of nitrogen and argon (ASHRAE designation IG-541)

– ProInert2 Inert Gas Fire Protection System by Fike Corporation – blend of nitrogen, argon, and carbon dioxide (ASHRAE designation IG-55)

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