Clean Agent Fire Suppression Systems are designed to protect the contents of the structure, high-value assets, and business continuity. The fire suppression agents within these systems are safe for people, safe for assets, and environmentally preferred.

BFPE International can assist you with making the right choice of clean agent fire suppression system for your application. Our product offering includes all of the major clean agent fire suppression systems and agents available in today’s market. We appreciate the opportunity to design, install, service, and test & inspect your system.

The primary advantages of clean agent systems are their ability to:
– Extinguish any fire, including those shielded or obstructed.
– Fill an enclosure providing uniform distribution of the agent and suppression of the fire.
– Extinguish fires early through detection and well before smoke/fire damage.
– Cause no collateral damage. With clean agents, there is no residue left behind, it’s business as usual.

Contact BFPE International for a clean agent fire suppression system. We also provide portable fire extinguishers containing clean agents. Please see the other Products and Services we offer, as well as our Total Fire Protection Agreement.