Carbon Dioxide is an effective fire extinguishing agent. Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is a colorless, odorless, and electrically non-conductive gas. Since CO2 is naturally found in the atmosphere, there is no environmental impact and it is environmentally preferred. CO2 suppresses a fire by forming a blanket of heavy gas that absorbs heat from the fire, reducing the oxygen content to a point where combustion cannot occur.

CO2 is an acceptable Halon 1301 alternative. There are two types of systems:
– Total Flooding System, which quickly extinguishes both surface and deep seated fire hazards by discharging the agent into an enclosed volume.
– Local Application System, which is used when the hazard is non-enclosable. These sytems protect a two- or three-dimensional hazard by discharging the carbon dioxide directly on the burning material.

BFPE International maintains a stock of CO2. In the event you have a discharge, we are able to recharge your system so that you are able to resume business with minimal interruption.

Contact BFPE International for a clean agent fire suppression system containing CO2. We also provide portable fire extinguishers containing CO2. Please see the other Products and Services we offer, as well as our Total Fire Protection Agreement.