Talk Total Fire Protection with us at the 2019 Chesapeake Region Safety Council (CRSC) 30th Annual Safety Conference & Expo on October 9th, 8:00am-3:00pm at the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab in Laurel, MD.

Keynote speakers include Julia Landauer and Jan McInnis. For more information, please go to 30th Annual CRSC Conference & Expo of Contact Us.

Julia Landauer is a NASCAR driver and two-time champion from New York City. Since making history as the first and youngest female champion in the Skip Barber Racing Series at age 14, Julia has amassed dozens of wins in many different racing series. After becoming the first woman to win a NASCAR Track Championship at Motor Mile Speedway in her division in 2015, Julia graduated to the televised NASCAR K&N Pro Series West in 2016. In the K&N series, Julia finished 4th in the championship, becoming the highest finishing female in the series’ 64-year history.

Jan McInnis is a speaker and comedian. Humor really is becoming a business skill . . it’s not all about writing jokes and being a comedian. Businesses are using it to do everything from sell products to recruit employees, and even to make everyone happy during turbulent times. Many, many speakers will tell you that you need to use humor, but they don’t tell you HOW. I will. My 20+ years in the comedy writing business – writing for everyone from Jay Leno’s monologue on the Tonight Show to guests on the Jerry Springer Show (my parents are proud!) means I can show anyone how to use humor to their advantage. And when you’re dealing with change, you need all the advantages you can get. Think about it, you sit down to a staff meeting, and you’ve just had a big change (budget cuts, layoffs, no more free coffee – pick one). If you don’t talk about it, people are angry. If you do talk about it, people are, well, still angry. But how about talking about it with a little humor? It can work! And don’t worry, I’ll toss in a few “humor rules” so you don’t get yourself in trouble!