Life safety and fire loss is at risk when a sprinkler system is impaired by build-up of corrosion. Leaks in your system cause water damage, repair costs, and business interruption. Oxygen is the primary cause of corrosion. By removing the oxygen using nitrogen inerting equipment, further corrosion and leaks are eliminated.

In wet pipe sprinkler systems, nitrogen inerting removes oxygen (air) to prevent corrosion. In dry pipe sprinkler systems and pre-action sprinkler systems, nitrogen inerting removes warm, moist oxygen (water), to prevent corrosion. For new systems, install a nitrogen inerting system to prevent corrosion. For existing systems, start with an assessment of your facility to determine the level of risk and extent of corrosion damage. Use of a nitrogen inerting system can reduce or eliminate the “repair and replace” piping approach that daunts property owners.

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Engineered Corrosion Solutions (ECS) is a corrosion engineering firm specializing in helping clients understand and manage risk associated with leaking fire sprinkler systems. ECS offers a full range of industry leading nitrogen inerting products that have revolutionized fire sprinkler system corrosion management in pre-action, dry pipe, and wet pipe systems. They also offer corrosion monitoring products which define and understand the root causes of corrosion in fire sprinkler systems.

South-Tek offers the N2-Blast Corrosion Inhibiting Systems for dry pipe and pre-action sprinkler systems, which introduces nitrogen into the system displacing corrosive oxygen through purging. For wet pipe sprinkler systems the DeOx Corrosion Inhibiting Solution removes the corrosive air-water interface .

Properly designed, installed, and maintained systems is key to their proper operation. BFPE International can assist you with making the right choice of nitrogen inerting system for your application. We appreciate the opportunity to design, install, service, and test & inspect your system.

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