Linear Heat Detection is a line-type form of fixed temperature heat detection that can detect a fire or a heat condition anywhere along its entire length of cable. This proprietary cable is available in a range of temperature ratings in order to accommodate varying types of conditions or environments.

Protectowire Digital Linear Heat Detector

The Protectowire Digital Linear Heat Detector is a continuous heat detector capable of detecting heat anywhere along its length providing uniform sensitivity. It is available in a wide range of operating temperatures and the outer jacket resists corrosion, chemicals, dust, dirt, moisture, and temperature extremes. An alarm point location is provided to suitably configured control panels.

Protectowire Fiber Optic Linear Heat Detection

The Protectowire FiberSystem 8000 is a reliable and intelligent linear heat detection system using state of the art fiber optic sensing technology. The system consists of Type PFS Fiber Optic Sensor Cable and the PTS Controllers with related software. The PTS Series Controllers can be configured for various alarm criteria and can be connected to an approved fire alarm control panel using relay inputs and outputs. The system is specifically designed for high risk commercial and industrial hazards that demand high reliability and customized system features.

Kidde Fire Systems LHS Linear Heat Sensor

The Kidde Fire Systems LHS Linear Heat Sensor is a flexible, durable, and cost-effective fixed temperature fire detector and is suitable for protecting a wide range of commercial and industrial fire applications. LHS is a small diameter cable capable of detecting heat from a fire over its entire length. It is designed for open area, as well as proximity detection. A wide range of jackets and operating temperatures are available for proper system design, including confined areas or harsh environments which prohibit the use of other forms of detection. LHS is compatible with any fire control panel that is capable of accepting contact closure type initiating devices.

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