Video Storage

BFPE International offers a variety of solutions for your video storage requirements and a portfolio of products for professional IP video surveillance. We provide a variety of Video Management Software (VMS) solutions. From total remote storage of video, like Hosted Cloud, to nDVR box solutions and larger server-based solutions, we can customize a solution for your storage needs. 

Hosted solutions are a great alternative for smaller locations that also require remote view capability. With the viewer on your phone or Smart Pad, you can record, view, or play back any video while you are out of the office. BFPE International provides Axis Camera Companion, which provides unparalleled flexibility at a low monthly investment.

For box solutions, the Exacq line of Network Digital Video Recorders (NDVR's) offers a complete line of secure video recording. From smaller systems to multi-terabyte storage, Exacq has a wide range of NDVR's to fulfill your needs. In addition to recording video to a secure location at your facility, they also offer the ability for remote viewing.

For fully networked solutions, BFPE International can provide systems, such as IP Configure. With unlimited scale, IP Configure is a leader in video recording, license plate recognition and gigapixel recording. Managing hundreds of cameras across various networks is not a problem with this sophisticated yet easy to operate Video Management Software (VMS).

BFPE International can provide you with the right video storage solution, please contact us  for more information.

BFPE International also provides Fire Alarm Systems , Central Station Monitoring , and Total Fire Protection Agreements . Please contact us for more information.