Portable Fire Extinguishers

A portable fire extinguisher is one of the best and most cost-effective defenses against property damage from a fire. Many fires are relatively small from the onset and can be extinguished by the use of portable fire extinguishers.

When used properly, portable fire extinguishers save lives and property by extinguishing a small fire or containing one until the fire department arrives. Notification of the fire department as soon as a fire is discovered is strongly recommended. This notification should not be delayed by awaiting results of the use of a portable fire extinguisher.

At BFPE International, we offer a full range of portable fire extinguishers for every fire scenario, regardless of type or size. We partner with the nation’s leading manufacturers ( Amerex and Ansul ) of commercial grade portable fire extinguishers in order to provide you with the best and most dependable for portable fire extinguisher for your application.

BFPE International can assist you with making the right choice. We appreciate the opportunity to install, service, and test & inspect your portable fire extinguishers. Please contact us for more information.

BFPE International complies with NFPA 10, Standard for Portable Fire Extinguishers. This standard applies to the selection, installation, inspection, maintenance, and testing of portable extinguishing equipment.

Location and Selection

According to NFPA 10, portable fire extinguishers should be conspicuously located where they are readily accessible and immediately available in the event of a fire. They should also be located along normal paths of travel, including exits from areas.

The selection and installation of extinguishers is independent of whether the building is equipped with automatic sprinklers, standpipe and hose, or other fixed protection equipment. An Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) may waive the use of portable fire extinguishers depending on fire protection system(s) in use.

The selection of portable fire extinguishers is determined mostly by the type and size of fire most likely to occur, hazards in the area, whether or not energized electrical equipment is in the area. Please contact us or refer to NFPA 10 for additional “Conditions of Selection”. BFPE International can assist you with making the right choice.


Portable fire extinguishers are given a rating with a letter associated with each of the following Class of Fires that the extinguisher has been found to be effective, for example.

Class A Fires – fires involving ordinary combustible materials, such as wood, cloth, paper, rubber, and many plastics.

Class B Fires – fires involving flammable liquids, combustible liquids, petroleum greases, tars, oils, oil-based paints, solvents, lacquers, alcohols, and flammable gases.

Class C Fires – fires involving energized electrical equipment

Class D Fires – fires involving combustible metals, such as magnesium, titanium, zirconium, sodium, lithium, and potassium.

Class K Fires – fires in cooking appliances involving combustible cooking media (vegetable or animal oils and fats).

We also provide Total Fire Protection Agreements , Fire Extinguisher Cabinets and Fire Extinguisher Training . Please contact us for more information.

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