Early Warning Smoke Detection

Early warning smoke detection also known as Aspirating Smoke Detection (ASD) has the capability to detect the presence of smoke even before it can be seen by the human eye. A basic ASD unit consists of a detection unit which uses a fan to draw air through a network of pipes that are separated into zones. Once the air sample is drawn into the air sampling chamber it is filtered to remove any particles of dirt then analyzed for the level of smoke particle obscuration. When obscuration reaches a predetermined level, the device will send a detection signal to a fire alarm control unit. This process is repeated for each of the zones on a continual basis.

Why install an Early Warning Detection System?

- Low cost of ownership
- Reliable
- Highly sensitive without nuisance alarms
- Can tolerate harsh environment including low temperatures

In addition these units are suitable for various applications such as:

- Clean rooms
- Data & Telecom rooms
- Nuclear facilities
- Cold storage rooms
- Switch gear rooms and many more.

See also Video Image Detection .

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