Conventional Fire Alarm Systems

Conventional fire alarm systems are systems based on utilizing hardwired zones. These systems can have one or more zones depending on the manufacturer. Devices connected to these zones or Initiating Device Circuits (IDC) are grouped together and cannot report specific device information or location unless a zone is designated to a specific location. Like addressable systems, conventional systems can be wired Class A or Class B. For Class B wiring, an end-of-line device resistor is required for wiring supervision.

BFPE International can assist you with making the right choice of fire alarm system for your application. Our product offering includes NOTIFIER , SIEMENS , Fire-Lite , Silent Knight , as well as other major fire alarm systems available in today’s market. We appreciate the opportunity to design, install, test and inspect your system.

We also provide Total Fire Protection Agreements . Please contact us for more information.