Carbon Dioxide

Carbon Dioxide fire extinguishers consist of carbon dioxide (CO 2 ), a colorless, odorless, and electrically non-conductive inert gas that does not leave residue and is effective on Class B and Class C fires.

BFPE International can provide you with the following Carbon Dioxide fire extinguishers:

Amerex Corporation

Model 322 5lb 5B:C
Model 322NM 5lb 5B:C Non-Magnetic safe for use in MRI to 7 Tesla
Model B330 10lb 10B:C
Model B331 15lb 10B:C
Model B332 20lb 10B:C


Model CD05A-1 5lb 5B:C
Model CD10A-1 10lb 10B:C
Model CD15A-1 15lb 10B:C
Model CD20A-1 20lb 10B:C

Please contact BFPE International to purchase Carbon Dioxide portable fire extinguishers or to have us install, service, and/or test & inspect your portable fire extinguisher.

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